Friday, January 22, 2010

Fatigue & a new herb??

UUUGGGHhhh!  If this fatigue would lift, I swear I would be so much better!  I have been doing well for about 20 days except for a few bad days here & there.  It's just that I can't get off the bed or the couch because I am so exhausted.  But beggars can't be choosers, right?  Also, it's been raining cats & dogs & my pool is going to over flow into my already flooded backyard. 

On another note . . .
I just added some more info to my HBOT post & also found something very interesting that I am going to reseach further:

Teasel  It's an herb that you drop under your tongue 3 times a day.  It's supposed to drive the spirochetes (lyme bacteria) out of the tissues and into the blood stream so that the antibiotics can attack it!  HMMMMmmm.  I am going to do some more research & consider adding it to my protocol.  In the meantime, you do your own research as well.  Here is where I have started, CLICK HERE.

Have you ever tried it?  Let me know.

I am still waiting for Igenex to send me the proper Western Blot test kit.  I am only going to have my Western Blot done, not the co-infections.  The Western Blot is $475 OUT OF POCKET.  But I need it and I need it to be CDC positive so that I can get insurance to cover 30 days of my PiCC line IV treatment.  Not sure how we are going to come up with the $475 & still pay our rent, but hubby does his best to make it happen.  We have had to put off a TON of tests due to the financial challenge lyme presents us with.  Once again, I do have insurance, it just doesn't pay for anything.  SO WHAT'S THE POINT?!?!?  Uggghhh.

Now I need to go eat something (anything) before I pass away from malnutrition or low blood sugar.  Gluten free raisin toast & some baby carrots aren't cutting it today!!  Looks like it's going to be pizza full of gluten because that's all there is in the fridge!
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