Friday, January 29, 2010

I FEEL GOOD! And more on Teasel

Feeling Good
Okay people, I have been feeling GOOD.  8 days straight.  This is a record.  Only complaint I have is some back pain (I've always had back pain) & muscle weakness.  I wish the muscle weakness would go away.  I've never felt this good & had muscle weakness at the same time.  Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.  Sleep hasn't been that good to me the past week, but it's ok, I feel good.

I have cooked dinner 3 nights in a row!  Tuna Noodle Casserole one night, Steak, mashed potatoes &  roasted asparagus the next (for company, mind you) and Mock Chow Mein (rice, mushrooms, celery, ground beef, cream of mushroom soup & soy sauce) last night.  I have also left my house for some reason or another 7 days in a row.  I will leave my house today probably to go to the store to buy things to make for dinner.  Stuffed cabbage perhaps??

More on Teasel

I previously posted about a weed called Teasel & how it supposedly moved the lyme out of the joints & tissues & into the blood stream so that it is more vulnerable to attack.   I have been lazy about doing research on Teasel because I have been feeling good.  And who wants to be thinking about Lyme Disease when they feel decent?  Not me.  But I found an interesting article someone wrote about it & it has me sold.  There is a scary part in there about a genital rash, but I guess it's rare.  So I will not let that scare me away.  We've seen worse, right?  A genital rash is nothing compared to neurological craziness, right?  2 people had the rash.  I'll take my chances (I have a stash of hydrocortisone in my medicine cabinet for emergencies).

Here is the article titled, Teasel, MY new friend!  Now I need to find a place to buy some at a reasonable price.

I feel good, oh I feel so good (use cheerleader voice)!
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