Monday, January 18, 2010

Things are changing . . .

This is a good thing.  People "ahead" of me in treatment say that every month I will improve.  Even if it's just slightly.  Well, this lyme cycle (and it may not be over) didn't seem to last long.  I think I am in the worst of it and I feel OK!  I had a rough day 2 days ago (neck pain & stiffness & headache) & it comes and goes.  I have had a day or two where i am at 60%, but yesterday I was at 75% and I got a massage :)  Thankfully there is someone near me that is kind to me.  Thanks Amanda!!  While I am getting massaged, I can literally feel it breaking up the toxins in my tissues so that I can flush them away.  I even took the doberman to the park for about 15 minutes BY MYSELF and I drove by myself and stopped at the store to pick up some duraflames & milk.  It's raining & storming here.  So if I can't go for a walk, I need a fire. 

I took a nap yesterday (no one was home), a HUGE feat!  And last night I figured I may try to sleep without Benedryl or Ativan.  Guess what, I did!!  I even took my Low Dose Naltrexone that disrupts sleep & I had no problem.  I feel very positive lately. 

I have also noticed lately the following improvements:
I don't get "quite" as weak as I once did (could barely walk & had a lot of trouble getting up).
My glands near my armpits no longer hurt (they hurt for months).
I think my tinnitus has lessened or is gone.
I have WAY less muscle pain (Fibromyalgia).
Lessened headaches (not as frequent & not as bad).
Better mood.
No depression. :)
I haven't gotten a cold or flu.

I just wish my energy levels would improve.  I seem to get my energy at 9pm.  I need to talk to my LLMD about adrenal support.  Maybe I won't need a PiCC line after all :)

I started taking my Artemesia & Clove a couple of weeks ago every other day.  I am not up to two dropperfuls when I take it.  I need to do it twice a day though.  No herxing.  No problems.

**I wonder if the OPCxtra has anything to do with this??  Or the Kambucha.  Hmmmm .  ..  I'm not going to stop taking it just in case.
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