Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On the upswing.

So I started to feel better 2 nights ago. At 9pm, I started getting energy & dreaded taking my nightly benedryl to go to sleep. BUT sleep is important & I don't get to nap so . . .

I woke up yesterday feeling better. Still very weak (neurological muscle weakness) but not feeling "sick". I always feel like I have the flu. It was nice. So I decided to take the Christmas decorations down off the tree FINALLY! The 13 year old was kind enough to help me. He's always very helpful (I wonder how long that will last). So it felt good & I felt productive. I feel guilty laying around all day looking at my dirty house or bedroom knowing that things need to get done. No matter how sick I am, I always manage to go pick up dog poop from the back yard if the kids haven't done it in a while. It's a dirty job, but HUBBY ain't doin' it.

Later, we went to my in-laws house to have hubby & the 13 year olds hair cut. Just to get out of the house. Practically the whole family happened to be there. It was nice. I left them the Under Our Skin movie to watch.
When I got home, some of my childhood friends called me to Skype. They are brothers. Twins. They were together & so we chatted it up for about 45 minutes. It was fun to "see" them. I love Skype!

By the end of the day my muscles were killing me & my lower back so I opted to read a book in a bath with epsom salts. Leslie, my hubbies transaction coordinator came by & brought me 'The Lovely Bones'. Read 67 pages. It's really good. When I first got Lyme I couldn't even read a paragraph. Now I can read & read & read :)

Today too was a good day. I even got out of the house a bit to an appointment & then for a decent walk with the kids and the dogs. It was nice. My only complaint is that my lower back is hurting and my mucles are still really weak. MAN!!
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