Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear God,

Every night I come out here and I stare at these same stars and I pray. I pray for the same things...
A cure for Lyme Disease.
That my health will improve with every new day. That Chris will come out of his coma & lead a happy life. And lately that Baby Aaden's seizures will pass with no significant damage to him. That my husband will have the strength that he needs to deal with my illness, my ups & downs, be able to work twice as hard (because he does non-stop), and get more business. That you (God) will watch over my parents & my family & that they will always be safe & healthy. That my friend Amy will get thru whatever illness or anxiety she is going through.

I pray as I look up at what I believe to be the big & little dipper.

I pray hard.
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