Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lyme Disease info

I am going to post some good information that I have found while searching the web. I will post them as links because I did not write this myself.  I find this information invaluable. Take everything written with a grain of salt because these people are not doctors. But they are people that have been living with Lyme Disease much longer than I have.

The first link is titled Late Stage Lyme Disease. I don't think I am in late stage, however, most of this stuff applies to me and anyone with Lyme Disease.  I completely related to it when reading it and so will you. Click here, very good read. Everyone with Lyme Disease should read it.

This next one is taken from Connie Strasheim's Wellsphere blog.  My mom bought me her book when I was diagnosed.  I read through most of it.  Anyway, she took notes while she was at the ILADS conference & I learned something new!!  Very good stuff, Click here.
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