Monday, January 11, 2010

Feelin' Good & Things I've Added to My Protocol.

Feelin' Good
I've been "away" from blogging for a few days because I have been feeling good.  My hubby & I actually went out on a date Friday night.  We went to dinner at our favorite local Thai restuarant.  It was so nice to get dressed & go out.  I even had a glass of wine.  I'll post some pics we took.  Actually since "good" is what I have always considered 80% I am feeling "good-er".  Yesterday I could probably say that I was 85%-90%.  Which is great.  I took my dogs to the park with my hubby & I even ran a little (not the sprints I used to do wtih them) to let them chase me.  It was so warm here, probably 75 degrees, shorts & t-shirt weather.  Then we walked around the park a little.  My dogs loved it and so did I.  It felt so good.  But in the back of my mind, I know this isn't going to last long.  So I have been enjoying it.  Taking the time to sit outside in the backyard with the dogs sunbathing.  I also made it out to hubbies eldest daughteres new apartment.  She made us dinner.  It was such a cute place.  It was a nice time.  My only complaint lately is that even though I am taking a full bendryl pill ( I was only taking 1/2), I am still awaking early & having trouble staying asleep.  hmmm...  So  I am tired during the day.  I tried to take a nap yesterday but the kids wouldn't let me (every noise wakes me up).  Oh well. 

I am tired right now, and that is about it.  So it makes me feel lazy.  But I am going to go take a bath & read my book that a friend loaned me, The Lovely Bones (I'll see the movie when I'm done with the book). 
It's pretty darn good so far.  The Lovely Bones: A Novel

Things I've added to my protocol

I had heard about OPC's from some other Lyme patients online & also read about them.  There are some expensive products out there, but I have found one that is not so expensive & has an added benefit.  This one is called OPCXtra.  It is Isotonic like the more expensive brands but also has the added benefit of  decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, which is an EGCG.  I have been feeling pretty good, and I have only been taking it for the past 4 days.  Not sure if this is why I feel so good, I'm sure it's just part of the lyme cycle, but I'm liking it so far.  I mix it in the morning & drink it on an empty stomach.  $39.95 for a 90 day supply, free shipping, & I got it fast.  Not too shabby.

I am also going to make it out to Clark's Nutrition to buy some Kombucha Tea made by Millennium.  This stuff seems to be pretty amazing!  My friend Kristy recommended it to me & she swears by it to keep herself well.  She was nice enough to send me an email with all the benefits of Kombucha & some interesting facts relating to Lyme Disease & Kombucha.  Now, I already drink plain kefir twice a day (bleh!).  Either made from goat's milk or coconut milk and had trouble making my own kefir (I will try again & let you know how that goes).  But Kombucha seems better than kefir.  It has live active enzymes, probiotics (including S. Boulardii, 1 billion CFU's), Polyphenols, & Organic Acids.  Here's what Kristy sent me:What's in Kombucha and how do these ingredients support health?

Kombucha culture has a wide range of organic acids, probiotics, acids and enzymes that give it its extraordinary value. Here’s a brief look at the benefits of each:

Beneficial Probiotics - Due to the prolific presence of pesticides, antibiotics, and preservatives, the beneficial micro-organisms present in our bodies are being destroyed and killed off on a regular basis. These friendly microbes play a huge role in our digestive and immune systems. Therefore, it is crucial that they are replenished from natural sources like kefir, yogurt, and Kombucha. Our beverages contain Lactobacillus Bacterium and S. Boulardii, which can help support a healthy digestive and immune system.

Live Active Enzymes - Active Enzymes are generally only found in foods that have not been cooked, processed, or refined. They are like the “spark plugs” for the body’s cells because they put “life” back in our bodies. If you think about it, the body is a living thing; why would you feed it something that is dead?

Polyphenols - These are antioxidants that fight off the free-radicals that stress the body and compromise its youth and health.

Organic Acids - These nutrients can help promote tissue and blood alkalinity and help normalize the natural process of homeostasis throughout the body.  Lactic acid helps maintain healthy digestive action (through the probiotic lactobacilli) and for energy production by the liver Acetic acid is an antiseptic and inhibitor of pathogenic bacteria. Glucuronic acid, normally produced by a healthy liver, is a powerful detoxifier and can readily be converted into glucosamines, the foundation of our skeletal system. Usnic acid has selective antibiotic qualities which can partly deactivate viruses. Oxalic acid encourages the intercellular production of energy, and is a preservative. Malic acid also helps the liver to detoxify. Butyric acid protects human cellular membranes, and combined with Gluconic acid strengthens the walls of the gut in order to combat yeast infections such as Candida. Nucleic acids, like RNA and DNA, transmit information to the cells on how to perform correctly and regenerate.

Click here for more info on Kombucha & how it can help with Lyme Disease.  Thanks Kristy!

I also started using the pH drops that I ordered from Lucky Vitamin.  It is supposed to make your body more alkaline and less acidic (Lyme & Co like acidic environments) & help with detox.  I just add the drops to my water every time I refill my glass.  I will also do some research on Chlorella for detox & then let everyone know what I find.
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